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If it's a rule that you break all the rules, wouldn't breaking that rule mean you follow all the rules? I think that frustration was why Duke hit her again LOL.

It was pretty short, but it was to the point, and the punchline was brilliant so thats all that really matters. And putting sunglasses on top of sunglasses.... thats just too epic for words to describe.

Loved it!

Most of these are really great. In Fiergon's one, what song is Akuma listening to?

Laugh Out Loud Funny

I'm black too and I found this hilarious... I completely understand the message too.

Only complaint... I wish it was longer.

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This game is ridiculous!

Can't play

I can't play it, the game will not work.

There is no way to get back to the Start menu after you go to the options menu, and the normal keys won't work to let me go past the initial instructions.

Upon further inspection....

The game is absolutely terrific. I was a diehard fan of POM, and when I saw this on the front page I knew I'd love it. Admittedly the lag issues get the better of me sometimes, but when its not lagging, you've just composed your 3rd song, and you're playing in concert with your custom designed band, all is forgiven.

Seriously though, if this game had NO lag issues it would be PERFECT. The story is mildly entertaining, but the characters are unforgettable. The new complexity in the riffs adds much more to the entire experience, insuring a wider variety of music.

And as much as I love it, I don't think the title Punk-O-Matic quite fits anymore. It should be Rock-O-Matic, LOL, cause I've made some pretty decent metal tracks with the tools you're left.

Also my original complaint about the money and things costing, I take it back. It actually doesn't take too long to build a large cash pile, and after you do that outfitting your band is simple and fun. Lastly the soundtrack, when I first played I thought you had mainstream artist music playing, (other than the theme song of course) but when I checked back on this page I saw that all of them game from original Newgrounds artist. Great finds, but kudos to those artist, those are really professional grade tracks.

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This is rather sexy... and I'm lovin the time signature...

F*ckin Awesome

I'd love to write to this... its an awesome ass guitar instrumental man... keep it up!

Very Good

If you want a good sounding bass guitar I recommend DSK Bass, its free and it has plenty of different sounding bass guitars.

This piece is pretty awesome though. What choirs did you use?

Xarnor responds:

Thanks for the bass recommendation, I'll check it out. That's actually not a choir though haha, it's strings. Definitely a mixing problem there.

I'm a college kid learning game design, but my biggest passion is in music of all genres. I love to listen to and create unique music.

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