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New Project: Ambiance and Epic {A&E}

2011-07-26 07:06:32 by Magnetic1406

So recently (as in earlier yesterday) I got my hands on a decent set of orchestral instruments, which is just what I've been looking for.

So I've started a new project... and I'm calling it "Ambiance and Epic". Any track labeled with {A&E} will consist of some melodic orchestral pieces full of epic ambiance. I'm going for a movie soundtrack feel with all of the pieces, as I want to learn my way around some good melodies in this genre, since I'm going to start saving up for a few of the VST sets in the East-West catalog (which are pretty damn expensive).

So I want to make sure I'll actually be able to make some half decent sounding orchestral pieces before I drop a surplus of $500 on some VSTs. I think its the smart thing to do. Anyway, I was just posting this so you guys (those who actually care) know what to expect in the next few submissions of mine. I still do hip hop instrumentals, but I keep those under wraps for personal reason, I do record on them however. I have a youtube page for that... I've linked it in a previous post. Anywho... I'm signing out for now.... Later NG.


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